Growing Wellness at Teachers College



Color Therapy


Breathing Exercise

Beginners Yoga Class

Background Music

Ordinary People

Parting Song


 5 minutes Place Mats, water, and get comfortable
 5 minutes Guided Breathing Exercise
 5 minutes Chant
5 minute Program Purpose Introduction
5 minute Participant Intro and Goals for Attending
20 minute Yoga and Music
5 minute Video presentation – stress relief ideas
10 minute Call and response spirituality and mantra crafting
10 minute Improvisational movement and Music
15 minute Mantra rehearsal
Possible Locations:

Whittier Cafe

Grace Dodge Dining Hall

Possible Dates:

Th or F, December 15, 16

Saturday 10, 17



Zulu Men Sing  A Capela

Afro Brazilian


Invited Guests

Juan Carlos Reyes   
Janice Robinson
Melissa Rooker   
Yvonne Destin   
Janeil Mason
Tongrit-Green, Nakami
Felicia Mensah
Holly, Veronica

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